5 Must-Haves In Your Kitchen This Monsoon Season

It has already started pouring in some parts of India, bringing a respite from the long summer spell. While we agree that the nippy weather and the pitter-patter on the window panes can be rather satisfying, one must also be aware of the associated health concerns. Monsoon is associated with various health concerns including flu, gut problems and fever, courtesy of the damp weather becoming the breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. And one of the most affected areas is the kitchen. Constant cooking and water flow automatically increase the dampness of the space, often leading to food contamination and food poisoning. But fret not, we have found some smart hacks that can keep your kitchen fresh and safe this monsoon. After all, you surely do not want to spend this beautiful season taking frequent tours to the doctor’s clinic! So get your pen and paper and make a note of the things you must equip your kitchen with. Read on.

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Monsoon Kitchen Tips: Here’re 5 Kitchen Must-Haves This Rainy Season:

1. Clean kitchen chimney and exhaust fan:

Cooking on high heat leads to dampness, so experts advise letting sunlight and air pass through your kitchen space daily. But, having such a situation during the monsoon can be a bit tough. This is where the exhaust fan and kitchen chimney come in handy. Clean these appliances well before the rainy season to declutter and make them work yet more efficiently. Click here for some easy tips on how to clean a kitchen chimney.

2. Get airtight spice jars:

The excess moisture in the atmosphere often ruin your bottle of salt and sugar. This is why, we suggest replacing the regular jars with airtight glass jars to keep your spices and condiments free from moisture and bacteria throughout the season, further enhancing the safety and hygiene of your food.

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3. Keep healing spices handy:

Indian kitchen is a storehouse of various types of spices, which can be used beyond cooking. Spices like cinnamon, cloves, dry ginger etc are loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that can work as a home remedy for your seasonal health concerns. Find here some spices that you must include in your diet this monsoon. 

4. Clean the sink pipes:

Make sure there’s no collected gunk or water in the hidden areas of your kitchen, especially the sink pipes and drains. That’s where mosquitoes and flies come from, contaminating the kitchen and the food stored in it. So, clean it well before the season starts and keep yourself healthy and safe. Here are some easy tips on how to unclog the kitchen pipes. 

5. Store enough seasonal fruits and vegetables:

The importance of seasonal produce is not unknown to us. It is important to include enough monsoon fruits and vegetables in your diet to fortify yourself with enough nutrients to combat seasonal diseases. So, make changes in your diet and get the groceries accordingly. Find here some of the most common seasonal produce that you must include in your diet. 

Have a happy and health monsoon, everyone!

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