After Watching The Making Of Mud Fried Eggs, The Internet Asks “Why?”

Eggs are a staple breakfast option worldwide. Whether boiled, scrambled or in an omelette, everyone prefers their version. However, even the humble egg has not escaped the ongoing trend of bizarre food fusions. You must have come across videos featuring daring combinations like egg pani puri, egg halwa, coconut egg, and egg ice cream. And now, there is a new addition to this list: Mud Fried Eggs. Yes, you read that correctly. A recent video circulating on Instagram posted on the page ‘@wefoodlover’ showcases the making of a dish where eggs are covered in mud. Needless to say, foodies are not very pleased with this creation.

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The process begins by moistening the mud with water until it becomes gooey. Next, not one, not two, but a total of 300 eggs are coated in the mud and placed on hot charcoal. Once cooked, the eggs are transferred to a large wok for thorough cleansing. They are then peeled and deep-fried. For the tadka, a wok is heated, and a block of butter is melted in it. Chopped vegetables such as onions, bell peppers, capsicum, broccoli, beans, and tomatoes are added to the wok. Salt, chilli flakes, and powdered spices are sprinkled, followed by ketchup and green chilli sauce. Finally, the fried eggs are added to the wok. After mixing everything together, the dish is ready to be served.

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The video has clocked over 14 million views. Clearly, foodies were not impressed by this creation. They shared their reactions in the comments section.

A person wrote, “That just seems like boiling with extra steps.”

Another one added, “All these steps just to increase the price from 50 to 500.”

Someone joked, “They’ll do anything to make their food as dirty as possible.”

“Just question why???” wrote many.

Several people called this dish a “waste of time and energy.”

“This was unnecessary!” echoed a few.

A comment read, “Jab jyada free hote h logg toh aise e time pass karte h [When people have too much free time, they pass their time like this.]”

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