How to Use Brass Decor to Elevate Any Room in Your Home

Brass Decor to Elevate Any Room in Your Home

With a touch of brass decor, you can give any room in your home that glamorous and timeless look. This metal has been in vogue since the Renaissance and can fit into any décor style from modern to vintage. It also compliments other metallic tones such as nickel, bronze and silver.

It might seem a bit strange that a metal alloy of copper and zinc originally relegated to plumbing, tubas and Olde English doorknockers is now one of the most desirable materials in contemporary design. However, this old-school material is making a comeback with a vengeance, showing up on a pendant light here and a table leg there. It’s no longer just a trend, but a definitive resurgence of brass, which seems to speak to a 21st-century desire for luxury and timelessness.

Whether it’s in the kitchen, living room or bedroom, brass is one of this year’s big trends and can be used to elevate any space. Its innate elegance can even turn a subdued or minimalist room into something chic and luxurious. Brass is also easy to coordinate with other materials, from marble to velvet, creating a baroque or glam decor. It can even be paired with wood furniture, adding a sophisticated feel to the space.

While brass is a wonderful accent, it can quickly become overwhelming when overused or in large quantities. According to interior designer April Force Pardoe, “Brass is best when it’s utilized sparingly and simply as a detail, rather than as a major focal point.” When used correctly, this beautiful metal can add warmth and glamour to any space.

How to Use Brass Decor to Elevate Any Room in Your Home

One way to incorporate brass into your home is by repurposing existing items. For example, antique brass candlesticks and mirrors can be repurposed as wall sconces in the bedroom or bathroom. Similarly, old brass lamps can be used as desk lamps or decorative accents in the living room.

Another way to use brass in your home is to purchase new pieces made from the metal. This can include tableware, such as brass salt and pepper shakers, or accessories such as a brass planter or taper candle holder. It’s also a good idea to include a piece of brass art in the bedroom or living room, such as a brass sculpture or picture frame.

Brass is also a good choice for furniture, particularly brass bookcases and cabinets. These pieces can be incorporated into modern or traditional spaces and are especially attractive when paired with a dark hardwood floor. If you’re thinking of replacing your cabinet hardware, brushed brass knobs and pulls work well with many styles of cabinetry.

Brass also works well in the bathroom, coordinating nicely with the sink and faucets. The brushed finish is more subtle and muted than the shiny brass of the past, but still brings a sense of sophistication to the bath. For an elegant look, pair your brass bathroom fixtures with natural stone surfaces such as marble or travertine. In addition, a brass vanity stool or bench can help to tie the space together.

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