Pepe and Meme Moguls, Next Meme Coins To Surge After BONK

BONK goes mainstream and surges by 50% after Coinbase announced they will list the Solana-based dog coin. With Bonk posting gains this year of 691%, which meme coins should investors be looking at next? Our hot tips are Pepe and Meme Moguls

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Pepe the Frog will Rise Again

Pepe coin, a tribute to the frog-based meme used all around the internet and even the world, has just been overtaken by Bonk in terms of market cap. As of writing, Bonk sits at number 73 of all coins while Pepe is 103. Or to put it another way, Bonk is the third biggest memecoin after Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, while Pepe is the fourth.

But we believe that Pepe has something that Bonk doesn’t have – staying power. Bonk is 1 year old but has only shown any significant price action within the last 30 days. Only a few memecoins stay popular for a long time, and Pepe has shown that it has resilience, going through numerous peaks and troughs since its launch in April 2023.


A lot of Pepe’s gains have been erased recently, and so this means that it is much more likely to resurface again. Those FOMOing into Bonk now are likely to find themselves buying near the top, whereas Pepe has a lot more growth potential.

As a meme in its own right, Pepe is used almost every day in Telegram and other crypto-related chats, but Bonk is likely to be soon forgotten.

Meme Moguls begins its ascent to glory

Many people wonder, how can they find the next big meme coin. Meme Moguls has the answer. 

Well actually, it has two answers. We believe that the Meme Moguls coin (MGLS) will be the next big thing. And it will also help crypto lovers find subsequent meme coins that are starting to go viral and get big.

This will all be achieved through a series of play-to-earn game modes that MGLS provides, which will allow players to simulate investing in the viral meme economy. Participants will compete against other traders or the broader market while developing expertise and winning rewards.

The game provides each player with initial virtual capital for building a diverse portfolio. They can only allocate a maximum percentage per meme asset, encouraging research into multiple rising internet trends. Various tournament modes then pit traders head-to-head or against indexes in contests for the highest returns.

As members gain more experience, they can become certified “Moguls” – elite investors who earn passive income from their reputation. The platform enables Moguls to sell access to insights or offer coaching services to developing traders. There is also an NFT marketplace where users can trade collectible meme characters that unlock improved simulation conditions.

Through this mix of friendly competition, education and incentives around internet memes, Meme Moguls offers a fun and unique metaverse tailored to both new and seasoned traders in the space. 

As MGLS is in the first stage of presale, it has way more upside potential than Shiba, Doge, Bonk or Pepe. And because it comprises a game and social platform, we believe it has the potential for longevity as well as utility. MGLS is currently for sale at $0.0021 and analysts believe the coin will do at least an 800% gain from here.

For more information about the Meme Moguls (MGLS) presale:

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