Range Rover, Range Rover Sport recalled due to fire risk

JLR Australia has recalled the new-generation Range Rover and Range Rover Sport as there’s a risk of an engine fire.

“Due to a manufacturing defect, the threaded nut securing the engine oil cooler hose may not have been tightened sufficiently,” the company says in its recall notice.

“As a result, the cooler hose could become loose and detach.

“If this occurs, engine oil could leak into the engine bay and accumulate in the presence of an ignition source resulting in a vehicle fire.

“A vehicle fire could increase the risk of injury or death to vehicle occupants, other road users and bystanders, and/or damage to property.”

If you own an affected vehicle, you’ll need to contact an authorised JLR dealer to have the engine oil cooler hose fixings inspected and, if necessary, replaced, free of charge.

If you have any further questions, you can contact JLR’s Customer Relations Centre on 1800 625 642.

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