Say Goodbye to Flat Soda: 4 Hacks to Keep Your Soft Drinks Fizzy for a Longer Time

Picture this: You have ordered a hot and fresh pizza, and it is waiting for you at the dinner table. The entire house is enveloped in the cheesy aroma of the pizza. You have set up your favourite show on OTT and have grabbed your favourite soft drink bottle from the fridge. You twist the end and… no fizz. The drink is flat, and your excitement has died down, just like the bubbles in your drink. When the soda is flat, it usually tastes weird or sugary. Is this not a sad picture you want to avoid at all costs? We are sorry if this has happened to you before but are here with some mind-blowing and super simple hacks to help save your favourite soft drink from going flat before you finish it.

Here Are 4 Simple Tricks to Increase the Life of Your Favourite Soda

Keep It Chilled

One of the easiest methods you may not know is to simply keep your beverage chilled at all times. Your goal is to keep the dissolved CO2 in the drink for as long as possible. Keeping the liquid cold can help with this. So the next time you buy a 2-litre bottle, immediately refrigerate it after pouring out the soda into your glass.
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Put The Cap Back On, ASAP

Another important method is to quickly screw back the cap after pouring out your beverage. Make sure it is locked tightly to reduce the amount of CO2 lost. The less you lose, the more fizzy your next serving will be.

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Squeeze The Bottle

Once half or a little more than half of the liquid is out of the bottle, you can squeeze it to reduce the space inside the bottle. Here’s how it works: when the bottle is full, there is less space inside for the CO2 to escape. Once the bottle is opened, the pressure is also released. Since you cannot put the pressure back like before, squeezing the bottle can reduce the space and increase the pressure inside.
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Finish It In One Sitting Or Choose Smaller Sizes

If nothing works out for you, it is best to invest in a 2-litre bottle only if you are having a big party or have more people consuming the drink, so that it is finished in a single sitting. On the other hand, if you occasionally drink sodas, it is best to buy one in a smaller size to avoid wasting and throwing away flat sodas.
Lastly, if you are willing to spend some money, you can buy a Fizz Keeper cap, which adds pressure to carbonated beverages and prevents the dissolved gas from escaping from the bottle and the drink.

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