Watch: Bradley Cooper Serves Up Philly Cheesesteaks From Food Truck In NYC

Food trucks are like rolling wonders of deliciousness. You know you are in for a treat when you spot one parked in the corner or at a local event. Recently, Hollywood star Bradley Cooper joined hands with Danny DiGiampietro, the proprietor of Angelo’s Pizzeria in South Philadelphia, to launch the Danny & Coops food truck. Angelo’s Pizzeria posted a video on Instagram showcasing Cooper serving up Philly cheesesteaks. In the footage, the actor greets viewers with a smile, saying, “Good afternoon, ‘Brad’ heads! Come on down, get a cheesesteak!” 

The person behind the camera mentions the newly opened brand “Danny and Coops,” which is also imprinted on the hoodies of everyone working inside the truck. They reveal their location as West Third Street near Sixth Avenue in New York’s Greenwich Village. Watch the video here:

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The sight of Bradley Cooper casually serving up food from a truck left viewers in awe. One user commented, “Bradley Cooper just casually slinging cheesesteaks ok.”

Someone else expressed, “Didn’t make it but I’ll always wonder how good these cheesesteaks really are,” while a third joked, “I have a broken foot but tell him I’m hopping on my scooter on 76. I’ll be there in 18 hours, save one for me!!!!” 

Foodies chimed in, expressing their desire to see the Danny and Coops Cheesesteaks food truck in Philadelphia as well. “Why New York? We live in Philly,” wrote one user. Another user demanded, “For the love of God, do this in PHILLY.”

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Bradley Cooper’s rumoured girlfriend Gigi Hadid was also seen beside the order window with a big brown bag of goodies from the truck, while the star’s ex Irina Shayk paid a visit too.

As per a report published by the Philadelphia Inquirer, Bradley Cooper and Danny DiGiampietro started Danny and Coops Cheesesteaks to bring the flavours of Philadelphia to the streets of New York. Even though the food truck was making waves in New York, DiGiampietro reassured everyone that the cheesesteaks were giving an authentic taste. Their brief stint in the Big Apple was more like a culinary road trip, testing the waters to see if New Yorkers would fall in love with Philadelphia’s signature dish.

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