Watch out Sky – a brand new way to view TV in the UK launches today

Sky certainly rules the roost when it comes to beaming shows, sports and movies into living rooms but the firm now has some extra competition to deal with. EE announced back in October that it was launching a new TV platform and it finally goes on sale today, December 6. Called EE TV Box Pro, this device is pretty similar to Sky Q with it offering full access to live and on-demand telly including free services like iPlayer and ITVX.

There’s also a hard disk tucked inside offering up to 600 hours of content to be recorded plus there’s easy access to premium services such as Netflix, Discovery+ and Prime Video. EE has confirmed that Disney+ isn’t on its box at launch but will hopefully arrive in the coming months.

There are a number of other features on this device including full telly search, 7-day scroll back from the TV guide, Dolly Atmos support and compatibility with 4K.

EE says it also wants to make things more flexible for customers by allowing them to easily subscribe and unsubscribe to services such as NOW (from Sky) and TNT Sports.

As well as offering a main box, there’s also a mini device arriving today which can be placed in other parts of the home for multi-room viewing.

Unlike Sky, which charges extra for its mini boxes, EE says this will be included in the price with no additional payments being made.

These tiny gadgets offer full access to live content plus there’s pause and rewind functionality along with catch-up players – they are also 4K ready.

Prices for EE TV start from £18 per month with things increasing the more content you add.

For example, EE’s Big Sport Bundle – which features all the main sporting channels including Sky – costs £43 per month. Switch things up to the Full Works bundle – which includes all Sky Sports channels along with Sky Cinema, Entertainment and TNT Sports – and you’ll pay £76 per month.

As well as launching its new EE TV box, the firm is also launching a new dedicated app for Apple TV.

This offers a full TV guide along with easy access to live free-to-air and premium TV channels.

Speaking about the launch Marc Allera, CEO of EE, said: “The launch of EE TV is one of the first significant strides we’re taking since launching New EE. The service is built for busy households, and we believe it will elevate the TV experience for consumers across the UK.

“Our new range of powerful set-top-boxes will give customers a slick and premium experience for watching the best entertainment, sport and movies via our flexible content packages, and we’re excited to be extending the EE TV experience with a UK first – so even more customers can access the great service via Apple TV 4K”.

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