Why Nani Ke Ghar Ka Khaana Is So Delicious and Will Always Be

Whether your Nani’s house is just a kilometre away or perhaps in another city, the love for that special place is one of its kind. You might have your fondest childhood memories associated with your Nani’s house-playing games 24×7, sleeping on mattresses with your cousins, and eating the most delicious food. You will grow up and maybe travel to different places and explore all kinds of unique foods, but nothing beats the joy of eating ‘Nani ke ghar ka khaana’.

Here Are 5 Relatable Reasons Why The Simple, Homecooked Food Made By Your Nani Is Forever Etched In Your Heart:

1. Takes You Back To Your Childhood Days

Do you know food has secret magic abilities to take you back in time? Yes, once you go back to your Nani’s house all grown up, eating a simple meal there will take you back to the endless childhood memories – eating mango pickles at the terrace with cousins, stealing laddoos from Nani’s mithai jar, eating food from the same plate with your cousin, and the list is never-ending.

2. Made With Lots Of Love

A secret ingredient in your Nani’s food that no one else can replicate is love for us. Whether it is dal-chawal or laddoos and halwa, everything tastes oh-so-delicious! The khichuri, that payasam and those paranthas taste so different when she cooks them – which are just impossible to replicate back at home. And when she feeds from her hands, the simplest of the dishes feels as if you’re indulging in a gourmet delight.

A simple yet special meal prepared by grandmother
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3. All Your Favourite Dishes Are Prepared

When you were a kid, your mom might have forced you to eat healthy, green sabzis that were too healthy or boring to be called tasty. However, when you go to your Nani’s house, she makes sure to fill the dining table with your beloved rajma-chawal, aloo-kachori, bread pakoras, kheer and whatnot!

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4. Recipes You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Another special quality in food prepared by your Nani is her secret family recipe that perhaps no one else knows outside your family. It may be a simple dish that everybody eats; however, some twist in preparation style or certain secret spices here and there make that recipe special and one of a kind.

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5. Extra Ghee, Sugar, Butter And All Things Delicious

When Nani cooks for her grandchildren, there is no tightness in the amount of sugar, butter, or ghee that goes into preparing the dish. All Nani sees in her little munchkin, whom she spoils with milk, butter, sugar, and ghee-loaded foods.

Of course, it is always her everlasting love for you that is kneaded into the food and reaches straight into your heart and belly.

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