XRP Could Surge, Monero & Borroe Finance See Surge in Whale Interest

The crypto market is bubbling as more and more cryptos have registered significant gains. With the crypto winter behind, tokens like XRP, Monero’s XRM, and Borroe Finance’s $ROE are attracting both whales and retail investors. 

In this article, we’ll have a look at top altcoins to watch, why they are predicted for massive growth in the next weeks, and why whales and investors believe in their potential to breathe new life into the crypto market. 

Borroe Finance Hits a New Milestone with Over 150M Tokens Sold

Borroe Finance ($ROE) is setting new standards in the traditional funding industry, integrating AI and blockchain technology into a cutting-edge peer-to-peer financing platform for Web3 businesses. 

Thanks to this revolutionary approach, Borroe Finance is attracting crypto whale interest with a unique combination of NFTs and technological innovations. 

With the traditional financing sector worth approximately $3 trillion, Borroe Finance addresses a key issue: the slow, tedious financing processes for innovative Web3 businesses, such as content creators, NFT marketplaces, and many more. 

The platform allows these businesses to mint their future income (such as subscriptions) into NFTs, which are sold at a discount to investors on the platform. The funds raised during the ongoing presale are directed towards continuous marketing and development, setting Borroe Finance as a huge disruptor in the industry. 

Both whales and retail investors can participate in the current presale, which has already raised over $1.5 million. $ROE tokens can be bought with many cryptocurrencies, such as BNB or ETH, but also with fiat money via debit or credit card. 

Ripple’s XRP Could Surge by 30% Approaching the Psychological Price 

Ever since Ripple’s XRP was deemed not a security in the lawsuit, the token has kept being in the limelight as one of the top 10 altcoins and surging by leaps and bounds. Unsurprisingly, crypto whales keep amassing the tokens, keeping the selling pressure low. 

At the time of writing, XRP is above $0.60. Many consider that $1.00 is a psychological price level that could be reached soon. This is especially true as Ripple makes notable strides in other areas, too – such as the recent approval of Dubai’s national authorities to use XRP for their operations. 

Monero Continues to Uphold Its Reputation Despite Security Challenges

Monero’s XMR is one of the most controversial altcoins. It’s been at the center of attention multiple times due to scandals; one of the latest ones is related to someone mysteriously draining a wallet.

However, despite this, many people still see XMR as a top player among other privacy coins. This is because its knowledgeable team has always managed to address and fix all security issues timely, instilling confidence in Monero. 

Because of this, XMR is still considered a great choice for a diversified portfolio. The privacy edge, paired with an up-and-comer like $ROE, could mean serious growth potential. 


If you look at the whole crypto market, it is a mix of untapped potential and risks lurking in the shadows. However, a few altcoins to buy are distinguishing themselves. 

Ripple, for instance, is not in the news just because of the legal tussle with the SEC, but also due to its efforts to spread the word about the potential of crypto and improve adoption. 

Meanwhile, $ROE is making a name for itself by bringing fresh insight into the weaknesses that plague the funding industry and addressing them with a cutting-edge blend of AI and blockchain technology.

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